Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

In honor of my Grandpa Sal's 100th birthday today, I want to share a few memories of him. He passed away in 1993, but he still lives in my heart.

  • The cards we would get in the mail for every special occasion, complete with a poem that he wrote special for each of us.
  • My grandparents' house every Sunday for spaghetti and Grandpa's homemade sauce.
  • Vacations in Venice, FL where he and I got to feed the blue herring that came around every day.
  • Staying the weekend by myself at their house and playing cards, along with helping him with his insulin shots.
  • He was always so proud of his grandkids, every single one of us.
I miss him a lot and I pray that he is watching over his family and know that we are carrying the family legacy on. I just wish I had more time with him...

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