Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It has been a long week

Well, we have had Little Bear in our home for a week now and life has certainly become much more interesting. He is a very active little boy, very mobile, but doesn't talk much. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like, but we are trying to get him to try new things. Veggies have been the hardest so far.

The three of us are still get used to our schedule of me working days and Tim working nights. Luckily, he sleeps really well (once he goes down) and isn't afraid of a few bumps; he has already bumped his head off the wall a few times. He is one tough cookie.

He really needs love, stability and someone to teach him because he is willing to learn. We are always looking for thoughts and prayers to keep him safe

Monday, December 6, 2010

Time for a Change

I know that you guys are thinking that I abandoned this blog this past year where in reality there have been big changes in my life. We have gone from a quiet, empty house to one full of laughter and chaos.

Earlier this year, I went thru a Lap surgery to check my tubes, check for endo and my cystic ovaries. Thankfully, very little endo was found, but I wasn't ready to have surgery to remove the cysts from my ovaries. After several failed cycles of not responding to the medications I was taking, we decided enough was enough and take a different path.

This past summer, Tim and I went thru training to become foster parents and after 3 months of pre-service training, multiple homestudies and lots of tough questions, we became licensed on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We said that we would accept foster children (room for 2) from age 3 to 13 and only under 3 if they were available for adoption.

The big news for us came in the same conversation in which our caseworker told us we were licensed. They had a referral for us, a 19mo little boy who was in need of a good stable home. We accepted him and he has been in our home for the past week now. He will be known as Little Bear here. He is so sweet and he fills our heart with joy. I am hoping to write about our adventures to show that every child needs love, stability, and someone to care for them.